Company Profile

Nurpet Ambalaj was established as a business that produces plastic bottle, plastic jar and plastic preform to the food industry. This business has transformed into an innovative and constantly evolving company. It has created a constantly developing technical bureau with experienced staff. Cooperation with raw material manufacturers gave us experience and knowledge, new technological design to the technical bureau and ability to produce solutions suitable to the demands of customers. From the first day, we concentrated our development efforts on the production of plastic bottles, plastic jars and plastic preforms.

Founded in 1989, Nurpet Ambalaj, produces Plastic bottles and Plastic jars. In this sense Nurpet which has Turkey's widest product range, responds to its customers' expectations with stability by cooperating with respectable producers at world scale in production technology. Our industrial design team evaluates all the solutions that the customers need on project basis and concludes them solemnly. Our products reaching all regions of Turkey, also respond to the special productions of important producers in the global market. Nurpet represents Turkey on the global market with its R&D work and helps the market to gain many innovative products in this respect. We are proud to offer fast, innovative, high quality and most importantly accessible solutions that they need to our customers.