Human Resources

"Human Resources", which has a great share in our achievements that enables us to reach our targets, is an important priority value. Careful attention should be given to the protection, development and necessary support of this value to ensure long-term coexistence with our human resources.

In this context, our basic human resources policies are as follows:

a. The human resource should be seen as a "Value" and a strategic partnership must be established.

b. All units should be encouraged to cooperate with each other in order to create a lively organization with a participating human resource and to create a living organism, all staff and units should be encouraged to indicate their opinions clearly and if necessary, within the frame of identified principles, the owners of innovative and valuable ideas should be rewarded.

c. The necessary human resource needs should be determined by scientific methods, candidates who are able to adopt and apply company values, have adequate equipment, and are dynamic, changeable and evolving, and a good team player should be employed.

d. The employees should be assigned positions in which they can reflect their competence and abilities and should be informed clearly about the work that they will be doing.

e. The performances of the employees should be assessed objectively and scientifically, and judgments such as promotion, wage and education should be accepted as a prerequisite for success and justice, standard and reliability should be ensured.

f. In order to achieve corporate goals, employees should be contributed to performance improvement. If high performance is necessary and conditions are available, career opportunities should be supported and horizontal and vertical transitions within the company should be prioritized.

g. Regular interviews and surveys should be applied to the employees to learn their current ideas about the company and to provide them with helpful information on career development in the company.

h. There must be no discrimination for gender, religion, race, etc. in the selection of employees, preferences should be relied on professional morals and qualification.

i. Each employee must be paid in consideration of national, regional and sectorial standards.

j. The workload within companies must be fairly shared among employees.

k. The environment and opportunities to encourage employees to share their knowledge and experiences with each other should be offered.

l. As soon as the employees start working, personal development and technical training programs should be organized inside and outside the work environment to contribute to their development. In areas where expertise and competence are provided, intellectual capital must be preserved through the documentation system.

m. Social activities should be organized in certain periods to keep motivation at a high level, to improve the feeling of cohesion and cohesiveness, and all events should be provided with absolute participation (except excuses for illness, death, marriage etc.) including management.

n. All risks must be managed in terms of occupational health and safety and a safe, healthy and peaceful working environment should be established and this understanding should be followed up until this concept becomes a part of the institution’s culture.