Social Responsibility

As Nurpet Ambalaj, we pay attention to do all our work within the framework of social responsibility and consciousness.

a. While conducting our activities, we act with the awareness of the social responsibilities we assumed to the sector that we serve, to our country and the whole humanity, and we carry out our responsibilities with sensibility.

b. We are after the profit that will benefit us. This beneficial profit is provided by the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders, and the society in which we live. We therefore pay strict attention to ensure that our investments are in compliance with the relevant legislation in terms of environmental and public health.

c. We commit ourselves to contribute to the projects and activities that carry the social responsibility mission both materially and spiritually, to take part in them when necessary and to assume an active role in the establishment of this understanding.

d. We are respectful and compliant with the traditions and cultures of the regions where our activities are located.

e. In order to contribute to the development of society, we take active role in providing sectorial and collective education support especially in relation to our own field.

f. We value sectioral development; in this context, we are cooperating with non-governmental organizations, public and private sector institutions.