Enviromental Policy

The basic elements of our environmental policy as Nurpet Packaging are;

a. Use natural resources responsibly and efficiently

b. Protect non-renewable resources

c. Prefer as much renewable and clean energy sources as possible in the production process

d. Save energy

e. Produce eco-friendly products and implement environmentally friendly production processes in operation

f. Improve manufactured products and production process

g. Reduce the waste rate in production

h. Use recyclable materials

i. Use eco-friendly technologies

j. Be prepared for the accidents and repair the damaged environment

k. Inform the suppliers about the subject and take necessary precautions

l. Inform the public about the health, safety and/or environmental problems caused by the operator

m. Support the development of accepted environmental auditing methods and organize necessary reports

n. Cooperate with environmental groups

o. Develop projects with civil society organizations

p. Establish a treatment plant to reduce the resulting wastes and their damages or to reuse the wastes